The Mermaid on Mermaid Street

Rye’s ancient cobbled streets are riddled with tales of theft, murder, and mystery. It was once beside the sea, until the sea packed its bags and moved off as far as the eyes can see, this attractive town perched on a hill oozes Medieval, Georgian and Tudor splendor.

The Mermaid Inn on Mermaid Street is almost as old as the town itself. Enchanting endless corridors take you on a journey through history, where countless encounters and events have taken place. A place for smugglers, the famous, and those enticed by old English architecture.

Fires blaze in multiple hearths surrounded by intricate stonework, impressive artwork, and higgledy-piggledy beams hold the building together.

To photograph the 31 bedrooms, several lounges, restaurant, pub, and additional spaces was a great pleasure and a real challenge. Each room is lit differently, shaped differently and has different key features. It’s so grand and awkward at the same time. I spent half my time ducking beams and photographing from inside cupboards for more space.

Here are a few from the shoot so far. Plenty more editing to do.