Current Exhibition: A Pinch of Salt

I'm currently exhibiting this series of landscapes and sea scenes at the National Trust site, Birling Gap.

This is my second exhibition in the UK and I have decided to print on Kapa Foamboard using Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl Paper.

Please get in touch if you would like to purchase one of these photographs.

Statement for series:

For me, this sequence of photographs celebrates a small margin of the beauty that can be seen on this ever-changing landscape.

I’ve tried to grasp the contrasting colours, the sense of freedom and the mightiness, which often overwhelms me.


I come here to breath, to see the endless ocean and to release stress.

It’s always changing, day in day out, with moods that play upon the waters surface and the crumbling chalk.

I come here to absorb the sounds of the busy waves, the restless gulls, the grinding rocks and the near silence.

I come here to dive beneath the water, tantalizing my senses, refreshing my body and mind.

At night a splendid display of distant stars and planets blanket the dark sky.

This environment is my escape.